[Megathread] State of the western version and solutions

Warning, this is a text wall, not a whining post, just the experience of a 2k+ hour player collecting his friends and his feelings toward the game and reporting them.

Here’s for us, what the biggest issues in the western version are:



The bot problem has been rampant and increasingly problematic and so far, from what I’ve seen, your last ban wave made huge damage to the bots, prices have doubled on websites selling gold, we can clearly see fewer bots in general and for that good work, keep it up.

RMTs are another problem, I’ve seen so many people going for IGvault and alikes just because not a single action has been taken against buyers, but obviously, if there are fewer buyers, there are fewer bots as well.

For that 2 solutions :

-The one I personally see fit is to ban permanently anyone involved in botting/RMTing and/or setting the negative gold like there is on KR and RU servers

-The other solution would be to make an in-game banner like you did for super express packs where you mentioned it was better used on a t1/t2 char saying « For now on, any person involved in RMT/bot using will be definitely banned » and actually doing it. Therefore, as a company, you wouldn’t lose all the whales and the « small RMTers » right after the ban wave but you could control the future of RMT transaction


Pheons is a non-sense. Your official position is that it prevents buy and resell but there already is a system for that and that’s the limitation in the number of times an item can change hands. Pheon is a useless tax that forces players to buy crystals so that they can play the game properly (more on that later)

Pheons need to be removed completely from the game or at the very least prices in pheons need to be nerfed drastically.

This game forces you to play rerolls in order to funnel materials to your main but no one has the courage to play his rerolls anymore because they are boring. Most of my reroll and that’s the case for pretty much anyone I know are parked at a certain iLvl (1340/1370/…) but have basically no engravings and no stats, just because we cannot afford the pheon price to equip our rerolls.

I love rerolling in every game but here, having a reroll is basically having a trash character slaving away for the main and no fun involved at all.

1.3Blue crystals trading

Leaving it there since it was in the original post but I stood corrected MEA CULPA STOP CORRECTING ME x)

Ok this one has been answered and I was wrong, it is only due to inflation that the prices went up :slight_smile:


Gold starving is an actual reality for most players, honing costs gold, and auction house costs gold, if you want to buy pheons, it’s even more gold. There are not enough ways to generate gold at this moment.

When a character reaches 1415, it can therefore not generate any gold from abyssal dungeons since you didn’t add another high-tier abyssal.

The only way to make golds at a good pace is to get many rerolls at, at least, 1370 to get argos+hard abyssal but rerolls can’t reach the proper ilevel to follow the main as now (more on that later)


As far as I understand, captcha is only for new accounts (I and none of my 40+ guildmates have ever seen a single captcha) but that does not prevent old accounts to keep botting over and over again.

These should be more present and even though a huge amount of captcha would be annoying, I would love to see them appearing every once in a while just to reassure me that it was actually implemented.

2 In-game content

2.1 Class release

Classes are the most important part of the game. Most people identify themselves as a rogue or archer or whatever. Knowing what classes already exist makes us want to play this or this class. When you listen to the complaint on the forum and say, « We heard you, we’ll speed up the process » and then say « we’ll release them every two months to keep players returning to the game and have long-term health for the game » this is a downright LIE. We already have content existing, and we are supposed to catch up with KR servers where the game is in a healthy state with everyone happy THAT is what will keep players attached to the game, actual content, not class delay. With the current state, an unlucky player willing to play the latest released class will have it at a minimum in March 2023, that’s unacceptable, this specific guy will have to either stop playing until it comes back or play a character he does not like and invest countless materials in this character just to start all over again in a year, where at this point changing main will be nearly impossible.

Solution: Quit bullshitting your community and release all classes, not one at a time every whatever time, just all of them, now or in the next like 3 months.

2.2 Honing buffs

Fixed by latest patch - Thanks for hearing us :slight_smile:

2.3 In-game content catch-up

As said in 2.1, classes are not content. But actual content, bridge, hell mode, raids, whatever definitely are.

I understand that you cannot spit content every month with a new raid and a gazillion new side content at once but please release content that is endlessly repeatable as a priority.

For now on, the routine is daily chaos/guardian/ulna weekly raids/ulna and you’re done, there’s no content keeping you on the game (except infinite dungeons for botters obviously)


Fixed by latest patch - Thanks for hearing us :slight_smile:

2.4.1 Boat skins

Let us hide the boat skins, lots of us like the base design of the astray or the phantom boat but end up with the same copy/paste skin because of its stat advantages.

2.4.2. Coloration

Let us customize more if not all skins, we all have 160+ color x3 dye and no skins we can apply them on. At least that would already add some diversity.

2.5 Powerpass

Fixed by latest patch - Thanks for hearing us :slight_smile:

3. Customer care

3.1 Communication

For the love of God, can you please release an actual roadmap with a clear plan month in advance, we are catching up to KR servers, we know what the content is, and we have no chance to ever be spoiled if you say “Breshaza will be released on XX of November”. We need to know that kind of stuff in advance in order to prepare and even see that you have an actual plan.

At the moment the general sentiment is that you release Frankenstein patches by adding bits to bits and releasing the patch once it’s done. With little to no further announcement. We get patch notes nearly the day of the release, this is unacceptable.

3.2 Customer support

The customer support is composed of mostly great people, but they have too little power. Can’t refund, can’t help for this can’t help for that. They are more than willing to help but are not given the tools to do so, ending in useless copy-paste that even they are sorry to send us.

We’ve all seen the – now-deleted- post of the employee that left AGS support.

3.3. Server population

Some servers, heck even some entire regions are deserted, please do something for those who need to wait 25 minutes for any group content.

4 Miscellaneous// QoL

4.1 Roster

Add the possibility to add someone as a roster friend directly without having to add the person as a character friend first. In addition, right now If I invited a friend on the roster from one char to another, if that person connects on another char in the same roster, he won’t be able to accept it, he will have to log the specific char I made the roster request to accept it.

Maybe as suggested even make the character roster bound directly for guilds and such :slight_smile:

4.2 Character bound items

Character-bound items should be roster bound. Not just materials but also potions (for example, if you craft potions in your SH, they are linked to the character getting them, same for farm chests of oreha stone.

**4.3 People losing entry tickets **

People should not be losing ENTRY TICKETS UPON DCING or crashes. This is also a problem where if people take Abyss dungeon or Raid hostage in general people can’t do anything other than have to lose their entry.


Entry tickets should only be consumed once the rewards are obtained, and should not be lost upon entry.

4.4 Knowledge Transfer Limit Increase

We have a lot of classes in the future and the amount of knowledge transfer is too low for our current situation. The limit should be increased or at least no limit after all there aren’t any cons other than the gold sink.

4.5 Sending gear to alts

It’s absolutely uncalled to charge us pheons while sending items by mail to our alts under the same roster. I’m often selling or destroying items that could be an upgrade to one of my alts because I wouldn’t spend pheons on them. Please, remove these pheon costs.

4.6Guardian Raid loot

if you kill a GR and forget to get the loot (aka click the harvested soul orb), you lose the loot and the soul is considered harvested.


-If players do not harvest the soul or make the soul drop loot, it will not count toward the soul harvested counter

-Or mail the soul loots to the player’s mailbox

4.7 Transitioning from Tier 2 to Tier 3

The current problem with this is that players sometimes are highly unlucky and may take them a day or two or even a week if they keep getting unlucky that they are stuck between Tier 2 and 3.


-Make Tier 3 rare gear able to be sold in AH;

-Punika quest Guarantee full set 1302 gear like Shushire quest

4.8 Farm system in the Stronghold

The auto-collect feature is what it is, we like it or not is not the point here. The biggest problem is that we get more blue and green than white resulting in having a huge amount of blue/green and no white. No possibility to change the green/blue to powder and buying white with powder would be a real +

**4.9 Content difficulty modified for support classes **

I’m not playing supp but I’ve seen lots of posts asking for difficulty reduction for solo content like bridge

5.0 Conclusion

This game is great at its core but poor decision-making and bad communication are slowly killing it.

More and more players are leaving for one or multiple of those points (and I just blazed through the most important ones. Don’t even get me started or I write a book).

The Korean version as it is there is EXACTLY what we want. Please bring us to their patch and let’s have a unified game release only dictated by SG. AGS is just the publisher, it should act as it. They hold the server and diffusion part and SG does the rest.

PS: I’ll update this post when stuff I forgot or didn’t think about is pointed out. Please try to keep it as communication support and not a way to spread hate and toxicity :slight_smile:


BTW I see lots of people that have read the post (or at least checked it I dunno what %age had the courage to go through all of it) but feedback, open debate, additions to the list are more than welcome :slight_smile: .

And don’t forget that many servers are quite empty.

Enabling cross-server for Chaos Gates, Adventure Islands and Ghost Ship would be a good and urgent palliative, but we actually need merges or transfers.


I dont know about buying blue crystal getting more expensive. Exhcange prices are dropping crazy in NAW here

Also I dont mind Pheon as it is if they give us more ways to get Pheon as passive income like more events that handing out Pheon or RU server where they giving Pheon every days

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I commend you for the effort of making the list.

Most of it I can agree with, or at least consider reasonable…

In regards to blue crystals, as someone above me has already pointed out, I don’t think that there is an algorithm to it.

The price on both regions I have been on is either stable or decreasing, as such I can only conclude that the price is in fact player-driven or at the very least “supply and demand”; buyers place an order and the sellers chose to fulfil said order at said price (or not).
When there are more players in need of more gold, those players will list their buy orders at a higher rate (or increasing if you will) to get served faster (or perhaps believe that their orders won’t get fulfilled at lower rates).

That is what drives the price as far as I’m concerned, the players, not an algorithm.


Adding it to the list

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This does in fact seem to be the case.
When botting and RMT we’re more prevalent those prices were sky high. Now it seems after they’ve gotten it controlled a little better the prices for 95 crystals are less than 500g for the server I’m playing on.

I might have misunderstoof the system
I can buy gold with Royal crystal and buy blue crystal with golds but AFAIK there’s no way to buy Royal crystal with gold or sell blue crystal for golds so, how does the “listing” works?

Royal crystals (bought with $$$) are turned to gold by way of blue crystals.

Blue crystals are bought with gold.

Gold to blue crystal rate is set by players/supply and demand.

Royal crystal to blue crystal rate is set by Smilegate, at 238:100 respectively.

Calculator here (values have to be set manually to match your respective server region) for those who care/want to… calculate…

Thanks for the precision, Main thread updated :slight_smile: .

I had also thought myself to create exactly such a post and list all the points neatly. Thanks for that!
I agree with the the points!
I have also have a additional point: Guilds should be Roaster bound! Less dead guilds consisting only of alts and better bind to the “main guild”.

Unfortunately I’m not sure that will ever happen, that’s their politic to consider every character as a unique entity so that it can go in a specific pvp guild and your other char goes in a PVE guild or something. I agree tho that it’s annoying. I’ll still add at least to the list that we can add someone as roster friend directly without having to add the char first :slight_smile:

As stated above. The Gold/blue crystal value is defined by the players.
If the trend is for example 500 gold for 95 crystals, you can put a bid at 450g and see if it takes. It is the players who define this ratio and not an algorithm.

The thing that I think a lot of people don’t understand about this system is that, if there is not enough interest in buying blue crystals, the players who want to buy golds will have catastrophic ratios (it’s already the case, 2.4$ for 500 gold just seems astronomically expensive).

If you remove the Pheon system, players would have even less interest in buying blue crystals and it could go down to (I say randomly) 200 gold per 95. This would kill the economic aspect of royal crystals (Is legitimately, would be very bad for AGS/SG).

PS: for me the solution is to lower the ratio 240/95 to (it’s just an idea) 100/95 for exemple

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I already made something similiar lol XD
I basically compiled a list of needed things from QOL to features needed implemented
you are welcome to use the thread to add anything to ur list.

Thanks, I stole some of your stuff in the list <3

Nice text wall didn’t read it tho :+1:


“Nice text wall didn’t read it tho” But have time to just post this 2 cents LOL


Well, that’s a free bump xD

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Great write up, you should fix up all the typos and this would be our 10 commandments lol

Just to let you know, this post was put on the very top of my google news page. Probably a lot of eyes, but no one wants to login.

Since this post is now famous I downloaded the Grammarly add-on and changed most typos and errors x). Good to know it generates attention tho :smiley: