Melee class with leech

Are there any melee classes that have some type of sustainable leech ability. A lot of the abilities in the game require a back attack which is great until bosses turn on the drop of a dime. It just seems like for melee it’s a big harder on the mechanics. If there is a melee class with a leech ability, I’d be interested. Thank you in advance.

Play mayhem berserker

That’s even less health right? I see mayhem zerkers go down quick

I started getting interested in shadow hunter when I realized going into demon form heals 20% (it increases max hp by 20% but it raises your current HP by those 20% too).

They have spec/ingraving for going into demon form often.

Otherwise maybe paladin for some shields and a heal.

Just play Gunlancer and shoot them in the face instead XD

They do have 75% less health but they are also taking a lot less damage. With some specific card combinations you can be more tanky than with 100% hp and you get all the benefits of being on low life (some of your skills do a ton more damage when you are below 50% hp) and it’s very easy to heal up quickly.

So all in all there is no downside but only benefits.

We’ll meet again set and Mayhem… so good…