Meliora -NA East - Karta - lvl 10, shop lvl 5 soon!

Guild: Meliora (lvl 10, shop lvl 5 soon!)

Server: NA East - Karta

Language: English

Meliora is a PVE-focused guild looking for active players who are interested in participating in weekly guild raids, joining impromptu parties for various content (maps/cube/boss rush/etc.), and hanging out in discord. We are a democratically-led guild, so if you are looking for a guild where you can take part in leadership and decision making, this might be the guild for you!
Our requirements are that you are active in-game and are interested in engaging the guild community on discord. Because most of our guild activities are in T3, we’re looking for T2/T3 characters so you can join in our weekly events within a reasonable timeframe. Our minimum weekly guild contribution is 200.
We currently organize Argos Part 3 and Part 1 runs along with several T3 hardmode abyssal runs and normal abyssal runs for alts. You can message me (Jollyfalcon#9765) or Vinc (Vinc#3342) on discord with any questions you have. Feel free to apply in-game!


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Guild now level 10 and soon to have shop lvl 5! We’re still looking for new T2/T3 members, so now is a great time to join!