Merge Auction House / Market to share items with all regions

I am playing in EUW and I think that the AH / Market is useless, at least not than useful than other regions.

I am looking for gems, but the offer is ridiculous. Basically, poor offer (a single page if I have lucky) with high prices. But in other regions, i can find a few pages more and prices are more “adequated” than my region.

I understand that merge regions will be complicated (unique names, user experience with more ping, …), but I can’t find any objection to do it an asyncronous element like the AH or Market.

Could your team take it on consideration?


That would be amazing… I don’t understand why it wasn’t like that from the beginning… Now we have an absurd oscillations prices over the globe and terrible combinations of engravings… +1 to this…

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Do you think there would be any cons regarding this?

No, there wouldnt be any cons to this.

ofc there would be

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As far I remember from other online games with global wide markets. The cons is price value on rollercoaster as if it behaves like stock exchange and the people will learn get used to it.

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What cons come to your mind? As Wolfherzog has stated there could be a ton of price fluctuation.

Indeed, the market would be quite wild for a bit :thinking: .

Big pro to crossregion AH is higher quantity of items, even though prices would need to stabilize for a while.
Another pro is people with gold in lower population regions get access to proper gear and item variety.

A possible con would be that people who want to switch regions could effectively trade gold from one region to another via the AH. Which, given the inability to merge regions entirely or switch servers/regions, wouldn’t be all bad.

It would have to be limited to EU AH and NA AH for example due to blue crystals and pheons costing different amounts, within those regions it shouldn’t be toooo big of a difference in crystal prices but I don’t know what crystals on EUW go for these days.

Well, first of all we would have a big price fluctuation.
Secondly, if we would merge NA, EUW, EUC, SA etc. we would also have a big problem with Blue Crystal prices etc.
Lets say Blue crystal stays the same like it is. A regional system. The prices of the overall world would increase, making the whole game more expensive (or cheaper for some server) by balancing, and the Blue Crystal prices would rise with that. That would make the problem, that the SA Server got, gets worse.

And lets not talk about bots. How easy would it be for them to just exchange their high RMT gold over the whole world.

Yes, so the bots will be able to snipe every market at once

I wonder if this is being considered in the global release for LAO in the next few years. I’d be interested to see the price difference for other servers that are further updated. It does seem like the pricing greatly fluctuates based on region and the disparity is substantial enough for an overhaul of the system in my opinion. Since gold income is (relatively) stagnant from content, it would make sense in the long run to have the market globalized.

May be a good trial run with the AGS release of LAO to test the effectiveness of a globalized market, from AH to blue crystal prices, to see how this would impact the economy. After all, the greater the population the more data present to find a relative normal distribution for prices. With a merger of the market with AGS release of LAO, the market could normalize and regional pricing could be done for royal crystal purchases based on a stat distribution of the local economy for each region. Since the regional real world economy impacts the player the most for prices, there should be some mechanism of adjusting the purchasing price based on location.

If RC prices inflate too high as a result of this, I would be a fan of the developers stepping in and deflating gold value by increasing the number of blue crystals received from each gold purchase. This could slowly tip the demand down to reduce the amount of gold players need to spend on blue crystals. On the developer side, there could be a simple calculation done to keep track of this by setting an appropriate Royal Crystal to gold threshold. Once RC prices exceed that threshold, blue crystals rewarded per purchase could increase to fight the demand. As more content comes out, that threshold could be increased based on natural gold inflation.

Since this is a business investment and the shop is where money is made for the devs, it seems that meeting the market demand for each region is the most optimal way to make a profit. I can see a lot of pros for a globalized market for the AGS release of LAO. What are y’all’s thoughts?

Merging the AH is not ideal but honestly could it be any worse as it is right now?

As the playerbase gets lower this is really something that needs to happen. We have way too many regions for our playerbase compared to KR for example which leads to an extremely small market for items such as class accessories. I’ve been looking for quite a while for a usable barrage 3 artillerist class accessory and it just doesn’t exist. There is no downside to an global auction house.

They likely need to make blue crystal exchange global as well to prevent any abuse. I see no problem with this either.

The only thing I could understand is if they want to keep the possibility of regional pricing which doesn’t seem to be the case.

I dont see any cons after prices will settle down. Everything is better than empty AH.

Ye… For sure not, no merge at all… I yesterday observed NAE/W AH and there was so much +1M gold t1-t3 accesories and gems sold… Meanvile in EUC was signifant lower amount of these cheese RMT transactions not even full page more like half and in NA was +6pages and is not about player base… So ye theres for me no way dont want NA RMT (players) infest AH when ags do almost nothing about banning rmts. Just with EU player base is kinda hard snipe right accs… Cant imagine when these cheaters from overseas will be on same AH as me… Bleh dyzgastyng idea.