Merge Market/Matchmaking between EuW/EuC and merging of low pop EuW need to happen in next patch

EU west is not dead yet, you can still save it. But it have to be quick. You need too share what you have got planned asap. You can’t dance around with PR speak anymore, action is needed. I’m not going to bother with a long post but some just too give an examples of EuW life.

  • There have yet too be a relic tier 3 Rage hammer / Crit accessory on the market.
  • Destruction and Guardian stones are 14g and 27g.
  • Tier 1 and 2 matchmaking only exist during peak hours.
  • PvP ques are long and the matchmaking useless. (Me as a gold player regularly face both bronze and master players)

Share your plans so players know if its time too quit or to give it more time.


Unfortunately there is no hope anymore…

Not possible, so it won’t happen neither in the next nor the patch after that. Region Merges are not coded at all, Server merges are not working properly even in Korea, market and matchmaking are regionwide so no hope at all. Anyone who really thought EUW was anything else but just a “place where you can play if you don’t have the patience to queue during your work hours” was literally delusional.

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U see sir, they cant do that.

They paniced early on and opened EUW, even though we told them, that aint a very smart move. For once we lose a ton of players (like any other MMO ever) and the release hype is over, EUW will be dead in the water sooner or later. Esp since they knew there wasnt a way to server/region transfer or merge.

Here we are again. The players paying the price for AGSs incompetence and refusel to listen to feedback…

Not possible.

Merging of different regions has never been designed or planned around, you’d need to create the tech from scratch exclusively for global and also have the servers support it.

It’s faster for you to reroll outright.

well euw has way more player than 1month ago , did a lot of t2 content without any wait time this week at shitty night hours.
the stones prices went crazy indeed , it was less than 8gold 2weeks ago.

pvp Q are indeed long for free for all and 1v1 but for the rest it’s insta .

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It’s impossible to do anything anymore on EUW dude. I can’t remember the last time 10 players showed up in death hold island so you can do the event. Builds and parties are impossible to find AH is empty. Not long before the handful of players left quit the game too.

AH is worse and worse…
so sad

The AH is a bad joke at this point. It does not matter how much gold i have if there is nothing useful to buy.


The sooner you move to EUC the better. I know it sucks hard to abandon all that progress, but this game is an absolute cluster fuck on the back end. Start treating Smilegate like amateurs and your expectations will become more in line with reality. The server transfers in KR went terribly and were very low volume. There’s no way they pull off a large scale merge of EUW and EUC - it’s way out of their league.

They’re currently hoping you all abandon EUW of your own free will because they have no idea how to solve the problem - why do you think they haven’t merged the worst low pop servers on EUW already?

I think that is what will happen. Move back to EUC or give up.

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Definetly i would give up. I can’t imagine to do the whole horizontal content again. I just imagine some of the rapport missions where i should go around the whole map. Moake 70 times for the star. No thanks :slight_smile: I prefer to stay and wait till i have fun with the game. And Moonkeep at least is active.


so sad to see since i really enjoyed the game until now. euw is dead. tried to make a new character on euc but couldn’t make myself go through everything from scratch its too much for my sanity

We are aware of the low population issues on EUW and are working towards a solution, but unfortunately this requires development of tech and won’t be ready for next patch


such a doomer lmao; most of us in euw would rather completely quit than lose all our roster vertical+horizontal progress

thats the way man, hopium and patience

imo keep doing what youre doing; maybe biased because im on moonkeep (idk which server you on) and its fine for outdoor events and stuff; its just the AH/find party/matchmake that is sometimes an issue

It wont happen in the next 1 year I can guarantee it.
They couldnt even fix the clock in the game. They wont work their guts out for a region transfer or same MM between regions.

Its sad but you can forget it.

EUW is and was a scapegoat and no help will arrive in time… :+1: