Merge resulted in losing friend list


After being merged with Beatrice into Evergrace, I’ve lost all the friends that were sorted in the groups. Those friends that were not added to any group seems to be saved, but the rest are all gone with groups as well.

If this was the case, we should have been warned to put all our friends back into no group directory so we can save them after merge. Is it gonna be fixed or there is no way to return all the friend list back?

Thank you

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Happened to me aswell in armen server, and i when i send a friend request to those deleted ones the server tells me they already a friend. @Roxx

Mine as well

South America - Arcturus
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I have the same problem too. If you click the search bar it will show you your friends but you cant interact with them.

Hey folks. The thread below contains a temporary workaround. One of our moderators has also reported this issue to the team. Thanks!