Merges EU last as always

SA already online… EU no notice… as always we are the last.


how many players and servers in SA and what about EUC

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Yes because AGS don’t give af about us. Kappa.

Because we are the biggest region (atleast EUC) we take longer.

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EUW is gonna done, too. EUC has largest playerbase, obviously needs more time.
(EUW shows maintaince. EUC is blank yet)

players dunno, merges 4 and 4 :slight_smile:

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lol another one… dear lord

EUW is long gone from status site…

Wait, after 2 months of NA and SA ppl crying for economy we can’t cry for merging time?


Didn’t you check server status?
2 hours ago, all were blank. Now only EUC is blank.

no don’t merge at all , it’s a bad idea do character transfert loll

Not gonna lie, DJ Khaled should be getting royalties off this forum

This is actually so… Nice job AGS. US servers needs to be first up, so servers will be up at 5-6 am for them. Nope not EU when time for EU players are like 2-3pm. ggs

w/e SA servers anyway diying cuz of no regional prices and their economy, so let them enjoy the game before it’s dead completely, i think it’s actualy good decision :rofl:



you would think they would first complete the larger playerbase merge first to get as many in game asap in order to find any gamebreakings exploits, bugs or mistakes ASAP. But no, they will do the smaller player bases, then the largest last and then take everything offline again because it took forever to find a problem due to lack of players.

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It’s probably because EUC is the most populated region so it shouldn’t be hard to connect the dots and realize that merging all that data will also take the longest.

Do y’all think that EUC is getting online later because AGS hates you and don’t want you to play? Jesus christ sometimes I wonder how many of you are actually mentally ill


I get to use this again

Addiction is a hell of a drug

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I assume it’s a judgement or a kind of.

May be some players are enthusiast and want to play clown. So they are not really mentally ill p players wants so see the hype of clown. The effect will last 10 mn and it’s a nothing burger like pretzell soon lolll

No, AGS doesn’t hate EUC players, AGS hates proper management.

i think EUW coming up online next ?