Merry Christmas to rmter

Surely they’re all going to get banned one day and bots will stop being profitable. :roll_eyes:

Wonder what the deposit is on a 1mil bid and buyout

When the starting bid is that high you can think that this person is trying to hide gold on the AH for x reasons

These are sold listings.

So if they tried to hide relatively small amounts of gold, they failed horribly, because they received lots of gold from the sale.

If an RMTer tries to hide gold, they would need to buy gems with it.

If you try to hide it in AH, in unclaimed mails(you can send between your chars), in way too cheap crystal bids, anything…You only have 30 days to go back to and claim the gold, until it expires. So there’s no way an RMTer will take the risk. They can easily get like 2 month ban, probably even for first timers. So they would lose it by any other mean.

They probably always buy the accessories or books they want with the gold directly, but buying gems and claiming them is only safe way to store gold. Some seasoned RMTers supposedly use proxies to store the gold a while, to see if it was detected, then transfer to their actual account.

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