Message to DEVS and Tips

Hello, I decided to write this post on FORUMS, because I believe I can provide you with an interesting idea how to deal with stuff that is happening right now. I will address only issues that I’m aware of, and that I think need priority to be addressed.

LOGIN QUE and F2P player wave.

1 - Disable access to already established servers for new players and people that do not already have character on said servers.
2 - Open 100% of new servers, to Euro region for F2P people to join in.
3 - Provide existing PAYING users, with free server transfer, that will transfer all characters and they’re progress including Founder’s Pack items.

Problem with DUPLICIBLE founder’s packs.
1 - Delete all skins from players.
2 - Redistribute new chest with skins, to all users. That paid for Founder’s Pack.
3 - Include free character transfer. (people could switch servers and still have skins, because they would receive new chest to open/redeem.

I believe this few steps, are easy to do. And would not do any harm.

I would also like to use this Topic, as and thank you to your hard work. And an amazing release!

Not many people appreciate it, but except ques whole game works perfectly fine. I never got any errors, lags or technical issues of any source.

You are doing an amazing work. And I hope, you would really consider to giving out FREE TRANSFER to all users that paid before F2P launch.

500 000 paying users in first day is an amazing accomplishment.

With best regards.