Meta Skilling for Sorc


I ve seen wild skillings in pvp lately for sorcs.

Are these ones no longer the meta for sorcs in pvp?

I ve seen

  • Eligans Touch,
  • Reverse Gravity with ice
  • foremost the lightning with one or three arms or vertical lightining

The best is its working as long as they are used to it.

So whats the meta version and what would you replace with what?

Btw. it always makes my day if I see these kind of wizards. They are so much fun!


Sorc is flexible. I play something similar to maxroll TDM reverse gravity build, but I don’t use inferno.

Inferno feels useless most of the time. I like the two casted hard CC because too many classes are spamming super armor and I cannot peel them off teammates with kockdown.

I can see frost on reverse gravity if you want that to be a hard CC for peeling yourself, but I prefer the knock since I already run the two hard CC.

I’m not a fan of lightning because it is holding and makes you vulnerable having no protection on it.

Thank you! Yeah I also believe inferno does more damage than it is of use. You sometimes cannot use it because you would push it out of your team mates cc and cannot contribute while other skills are on cooldown. Maybe its dependable.

Dont know if there are more situations one could peel someone off of your team mates. My feeling is like yours, its better to use something else.