Meteor Stream | Deadeye

The patch said that Meteor Stream will still fire bullets even if the skill get canceled instead of making it disappear. Sadly the skill still disappear if u cancel it or get interrupted!
The change should work like the Rime Arrow from Sorc but it doesn’t.

Balance patch is kinda not 100% worked as intended, some other class has similar problem. Please, report in Bug feedback.

did you test it without tripods ?

also Animationcancelling ( how its called ) does not work instantaniously all the time

Like Summoner ancientspear, the casting time is like 2 secs
if you press another button in the first 0.5 secs or use jump it breaks up completely

also dont forget interrupts have diffrent tiers

like push/stun/freeze/paralyze/fear

all have diffrent layer of cancels
means i depends what you got atacked with and to which point of time you got attacked

i will test it later
but im sure , just press it and then it gets cancelled cause you instant press another button or spacebar , is normal
wait half a second im sure you will see it go further

Funfact… i put in Bug Report and somehow it apeared here

guess the mod misunderstanded the post