Micro freezes while playing


I got lot of micro freezes while im playing the game. I have the feeling that it’s happening when there is stuff to load (others players, mobs, spell animations).
I’ve tried tons of things to fix this problem but it seem that nothing work really.

Ive record two minuts of gameplay to show you exactly what im talking about (0:08, 0:33, 0:43, 1:13 and 3 freezes in a row between 1:29 et 1:35)

Here is my rig:

5900X on B550 mobo
3080 FE
32go 3600Mhz
SSD NVMe Crucial P2

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hello @Bitterdream!

I’m sorry to see you’re having this issue with micro stuttering.

Since you said that you already tried a lot of things, please check this link that has a lot of troubleshooting steps, and please let me know if you have tried them, and if not, please attempt to follow the instructions to check if that fixes the issue: Troubleshooting Frame Rate and Performance Issues - Support | Amazon Games.

If you have attempted them already or they do not help, please contact us to our live chat so we can escalte this issue further: Contact Us | Amazon Games.

Thank you for your time.

unfortunatly I already tried everything on the Troubleshooting link you sent and no improvement, I made the same thread on the french part of this forum and the moderator also sent me this link.

I will try to contact your live chat with the hope they will be able to help me.

i started having random freezing after the recent maintenance we got. the game was fine before it but all the freezing started after the maintenance.

I’m interested to see what your task manager is doing during those spikes, specifically your gpu ‘copy’ engine during the freezes.

@ccgrey15 let me check what happen during the freezes but if i remember correctly there is nothing particular. I will do that tonight or tomorrow morning.


sorry for the late answer but here is the graph, when i got a freeze it go down a little bit.

there is nothing special in the “copy” graph, flat line. I sometime got a spike but nothing happen in game.