Micro Stutter due to Area /z chat

It appears that every time a new message comes in to Area /z chat, there is a very minor stutter. This can get noticeable if area chat is really busy with messages.
Right clicking the Normal tab and un ticking Area box from Chat Tab Settings helps to alleviate this issue.

Micro stutters are sometimes hard to notice, but these are not due to loss of frames. I am on average above 90fps and I am getting these micro stutters constantly.

After asking in chat, I did get a response from one of the players that disabling the Area chat did help them as well.

Is anyone else noticing the same?


yes i have exactly the same. In addition to that, it also stutters if the item log chat is active. So every time i pick something up - it stutters like hell. Rest of the time its smooth 70+ fps. Espetially noticable when picking up many items. For example when doing the loot pet guide quest (violet quest) wheree it drops a lot of seeds. Or inside the chaos dungeon. Deactivating Loot chat and Area chat solves it, but i still wanna read the chat, so its a bummer

Yes, you are right, I also get the stutter on loot pickup as well, and it seems that it because of chat log.

Bumping this. Will it be fixed in today’s hotfix @Roxx?

i doubt it, but i hope it will eventually be fixed cant really use the chat anymore with these frametime spikes all the time when a new message shows up.

Still a massive issue today, tons of reddit threads about it.