Mid June is not a lie


It is about the “blocked” statement that we received. So clearly something is up with Smilegate.

Yeah cause AGS has been a flawless publisher up until now right and there was no issue anywhere around the game or in the game yet, right? Right? :smiley:

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never said that … but something seems to be up with SG

Maybe but its all just rumors. All I can say is that they keep their version running pretty smoothly from what I hear off of streamers.
There might be something in the bushes but I certainly wouldn’t put AGS in the position of the poor innocent kid who didn’t know any better.

She wrote “We’ve been blocked for several weeks now, yes, hence the lack of clarity around the June update”, and from this you camed to the idea it must be the lack of communication from Smilegate. Blocked by whom? At this moment i wouldnt be surprised if the door man is not leting them into the building because he to is tired of their shit.

It is made a little shorter.
Ends 20th of July instead of 28th.
They write 20th but I suppose they mean 21st.