Mid-June Vykas Meme


:partying_face: congratulation :partying_face:


who needs Vykas? the game is almost in its death throes from bots…


The mid-June turned into End-June.

This is what I should call “Progress” from the “Business intelligence.” team. :clown_face:

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I want bridge so dmg hack bots can flood the market with legendary books and I can buy them for 1g. Pls make it happen

Maybe on the East servers people on the NAW servers won’t be able to log in to get them for cheap lol

Cant wait to try vykas with my friends nahyhxxhs and toxnixxyxh


I can’t wait for people moaning about the support shortage in Vykas. :clown_face:

Don’t worry, the bots will one-hit vykas with the recent infinite damage hack

Yeah, the bot will sell 1$ for Vykas carry. :rofl:



Perfect for me if they delay it couple of weeks more, so we get more Login rewards, more chicken event and the most important thing of all:

I get to catch up with everything and everyone as f2p with 7 toons roster (7 gunlancers) main 1475, 6x 1385 weap +20, so 2 more weeks to get ahead of everyone, get +21 weap and start honing all the alts to 1415 to have 7 valtans and a hard vycas… Gonna bath in gold in no time and leave everyone way behind

Why are people acting weird about this? The 23rd fits along mid June just fine.

Then they find an “emergency bug” and they push the update to July with the honing update

My fellow New Worlders…it’s like we’ve been in prison together. It’s good different


Can’t log in to play but let’s worry about adding new stuff to the game we can’t play

THIS IS MY MEME! :frowning:

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june have 30 days mid-june is 15 at least thats maths basics dunno if that changed on 2022 but im pretty sure 23 isnt mid june , no offense idc about release date.

The actual statement was roughly mid June.

Mid month typically doesn’t literally mean the middle day or week of the month either.

June 23rd would be mid/end June, but no actual person says things like that.

Yeha, for a rough, basic, somewhat estimated date approximated via generalization, there’s a probability that you’re somewhat right.