Middle of Abyss Dungeon when Maintenance Happened

I was in the middle of Forge of Fallen Pride last night when the servers went down. It says my weekly entry count was exceeded when I didn’t even clear it?

What happened here?

Unless the party votes to quit, entering and leaving instanced content like Abyssal Dungeons will count against your weekly allotment.

Did no one in your group notice the in-game warnings sent out at 1hr, 30m, 15m, and 5m?

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servers were still up for a while after 10PM. and the notification disappeared

Yeah friends and I noticed the servers didn’t go immediately down while we were trying to squeeze in some Guardian Raids but once we got out we all assumed servers would come down as intended.

I hope that Support can do something for you but would also take this as a learning moment to not chance big weeklies moments before or during the expected server maintenance.

I was doing a Tier 2 Abyssal dungeon. “Sea of Indolence” . The maintenance disconnected us mid Dungeon and I lost my weekly entry count.
My Region/ NA
My Server/ Azena