Midnight Circus Rehearsal- Roster Wide?

I understand why it’s roster wide for the “rewards” but expain to me why after clearing gate 1 on a character I cannot use another character to continue to gate 2?

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because raid progression isnt roster wide?

not sure why you would wanna lock several characters out of a legion raid just so they can each do 1 gate for clown rehearsal

Wouldn’t it make more sense to let each character clear it?
Just made each gate’s progression give less rewards?

no cause the reward is once per roster. even if you do clown normal you only get the stickers once per week.
unless you wanna just do it and get nothing while also losing 1 legion raid entry on those character.

That’s what I feel, too.

But then again, it would be kinda weird if you could choose which class to pick on different gates based on the requirements, right?

And it’s obviosu why you can’t clear g1 on one character and start again with another from g1: because you alraedy got the rewards for clearing g1 and you might have spent it.

Although, it’s possible to circumvent this. If they can implement negative pheons to punish players who exploited them, they can also implement negative rewards (if you clear g1 on 1 character and get rewards adn spend them, clearing g1 with another character will simply not give you the rewards)

I guess it’s possible, the question is, are they gonna bother with it for the few of us who do it xD

P.S. If there are 7 people here who play on EUC and would like to clear baby-brelshaza with some of my alts, that’d be terrific. I can’t find a lobby for that it’s like noone’s doing it, and the rewards are kinda epic.

So few people do rehearsal, it should just be changed to no rewards but you can run it with as many people as you want on any gate or part of a gate that you want (have a progression bar you slide to each mech)

So that it’s used to help people learn and understand mechanics and not as a fake version of the run that gets locked out at all

So reading this what I can interpret is, you want your whole 10+ entire roster to share one raid? lmao


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