Mileage Shop Implementation

In other games I have played, systems similar to a mileage shop have been in place that benefit the game. If such a system was tweaked and implemented in our version of the game, I don’t see how it would be a negative.

The basic idea would be to give X% of points spent in the cash shop AND slap some points on dailies/weeklies. Doing this will get some people to not RMT and keep some people coming back to the game daily.

Just putting it out there, most likely this will never be done.

They have those dumb purple crystals instead and try to get you to buy prime to get shit rewards its all a little money scam i hate it and i have prime its so annoying

If you want to reduce RMT it should be exclusive to Royal Crystal purchases. Not sure why you’re trying to sneak some f2p bonus in there too, lol.

It’s not sneaking it in there, it’s how other mileage shops work. You should have a way for f2p to grind points but have it capped daily so you don’t end up with a situation similar to infinite chaos and so that if they want more they are incentivized to spend in the cash shop.

The other regions? or other games?

Other games.

Yeah, so my original point stands then. It should be Royal Crystal only, just like other regions. So many of these posts now seem to boil down to: I want stuff, but don’t want to pay for it.

According to them, they felt like mileage shop was too predatory. But they were fine with the scummy Yoz Jar lmao


Its really funny how they pretend that they don’t wanted the milage shop because of the feeling that we need to spend money in the shop to gain all the good goodies in the milage shop - and instead they implemented the amethyst thing, which is nearly the same but forces us to watch twitch, get amazon prime (or twitch prime w/e) etc pp.

Beside that, they were also fine with implementing Yoz’s Jar at first. So c’mon Amazon, please, for godsake … give us the milage shop, because the legit spenders would really like it. You can keep the amethyst shop too, for your amazon prime and twitch stuff. But the milage shop shouldnt be affected by this, because it has nothing to do with it. @Roxx @Shadow_Fox