Minhas cartas sumiram

First, I started playing lost ark again today, 10/08, and my items were gone, I looked on the forum and saw that they were in the universal chest, so far so good. But when I went to check my cards they disappeared too, I can see them in the card book, but when I equip them it’s like I don’t have any cards, I NEED HELP!!!

Hello @iVORTZ, :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your concern related to missing cards in your catalog.

I’m sorry to hear that you are not able to locate those cards.

First of all, I’d request you to do the files integrity check using the method provided in below link as this generally resolves the issues:

Then relaunch the game and check for the cards again if that is updated. In case, the cards are not showing up then kindly get in touch with our support team by raising a ticket using the below link so that they can investigate the same and update you:

Once the investigation begins, then they will check for the root cause and update you over the same.

Hope this helps! :magic_wand: