Minimap Disappears

I don’t know why it seems to only be happening to me but since day 1, my minimap will disappear even if i try to bring it up. Causing me to have to resize my resolution to windows and then decline so it goes back to borderless window to fix and make it work again.

I’ve noticed this seems to happen randomly when I quick switch to other characters. If the team can look into this in the future that would be great.

EDIT: I seem to have found a slight fix.
When this happens in borderless window (for me) with forced 21:9 aspect ratio the map tends to appear off screen on the top left or middle left side. Simply click and drag middle mouse (or your keybind for that) towards that corner at the very edge and drag it back into the screen.


I just came across this very problem today as well where my mini-map just frankly disappeared all of a sudden in which I normally run the game playing controller. In turn thus far: I’ve tried restarting the game twice, rebinding on controller and hitting the keyboard binding with default key TAB - nothing shows up but you can HEAR it. In addition, the mini-map isn’t on low opacity either. It’s a visual bug. edit: Seemed raising the resolution fixed the issue but shouldn’t have had to either way.

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yup that describes it perfectly. Can hear the sound of the switching it on/off but never appears. Only fix was to switch to windows mode and then decline to make it reappear.

If the team can look into this my resolutions are

1920 x 1080 (16.9)
Borderless Window
Direct x11

It will randomly happen as you switch zones occasionally or go into raids or switch to alts.

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@Roxx Still having this issue and it does seem like it is affecting a small part of the population and I don’t expect it to be looked into asap but if it can be forwarded to the team to look into that would be great.


I have been having this issue as well but mine only started happening about 3 days ago despite been playing since launch day.

did you try the mini fix i suggested and did it work?

It seems for some reason the mini map tends to appear off screen at the left side for me and I just click and drag it back in.

Yes, that works but it resets again whenever I switch characters also when I tried logging into my brothers’ account with the same setting there was no issue at all. Then, I tried creating a new account to check if the issue is account base due to some code on the file or something like that. there was no issue with the map on the newly created account.

i wondered if theres any fix with a corrected config file, i felt this bug once triggered, has no way of fixing it, i suspect it has something to do when you tried FullScreen/WindowsMode and selected back to Borderless. for some reason, the minimap gets bug off the game until to swap the settings.

can i check if u can select the map even tho you cant see it?

I play in borderless window mode at all times because I like tabbing out. Whenever I switch to alts or when I login the minimap will disappear off screen to the far left side, almost as if it reacts as if there is a second monitor or detects a wider resolution of some sort.

but like i said in my edit. The only fix I have found is to move the mouse cursor to the very far left side of the screen and drag it back into the middle of the screen. It’s a small fix and much better than re-adjusting the resolution but a more permanent fix would be nice.

Issue still persists for me no fix yet

Thank you for letting us know this is still happening to you, Vrilyra.

I’ll get this thread to the devs for you.

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This started out of no where for me yesterday. No settings were changed, and now every time I switch characters or zones my minimap is gone.

Thank you for giving me additional information! The development team has been made aware of this issue.