Minimap timer return (please)

I don’t think I’m alone when asking for the timer return. It’s a constant question being asked a lot in area chat. Can we get the timers returned to the minimap please?

  • Timers were there.
  • Game was patched
  • Timers are gone
  • Suggestion to have them returned to the game
  • I have observed several players asking for it’s return

Thank you for the consideration.


Definitly. I don’t want to look an empty screen while we don’t know the exact time. Please return it.


I got the same problem but just only on EU Central server. If I switch to EU West server, where is my friend, then the timer is shown normally. Still didn’t find a clue how is that possiible. Maybe I should compare config files in Lost Ark Steam folder.


I want it back

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Yes, please undo whatever you did that broke/removed the minimap timers.

And whilst you’re at it, for the love of god fix what you did when you broke chat!

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Yeah. Someone already do a chat suggestion?

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not sure if i 100% understand.
this timer works fine

Best example is the islands. They won’t show, let’s say, tooki when it’s popping, when you’re within range. It used to. It does not any more. When I say within range I’m talking within VISUAL range. Also, those used to have a timer. They do not any more. Raid timers, sometimes, do not show up for a lot of people. I personally have not seen a raid timer count down since last patch on any server region, and I do mean any server region. I play two consistently, US West and EU Central and have not seen any.

or for example the naruni race event, you can’t see the time anymore when exactly the race starts