Mining bombs: do they increase yields mining the ore afterwards?

Aside from using bombs in spida island to crack the egg, and from blowing up boulders to get at a mokoko seed, do they do anything else?

I did some quick testing, mining stuff in punika. Some nodes I would first just mine normally with moonlight miner activated. Other ore nodes I would mine once, then use a bomb, then mine a 2nd time.

It seems on average, it yields around 2-3 times as much mats than not using the bomb. Using a bomb and then mining, only lets you mine it once, but doesn’t seem to increase mats compared to mining first, and then using a bomb and mining a 2nd time afterwards.


EDIT: using a bomb and then mining uses 90 energy with moonlight miner, compared to just 60 as well. you do get 225xp compared to 150 xp. so its a 50% increase in both energy, and XP. but you also have to set up the bomb which takes 3 sec.

also might not be worth it since you try and get world leaves.

You do get more mats. The rarer ones.

you get 2x more mats for 1.5x energy. It’s AOE. And if you are after purple nodes you can mine once then use the bomb to get the most of special nodes. Another feature is it locks all stones to you.

As for practical use… it’s rarely used. It’s the worse of lvl 30 skills IMO.


I think we get more of the rare rss and of course with lower cost… I think we get same rss as we would get by doing 2 minings, the difference is that we get more of the rare and use less energy! I think that’s how it works, otherwise if it wasn’t worth it they would just disable it or buff it! Sometimes i use it when i see 2 mining fields close and i use the bomb to destroy them both!

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so if you use a bomb on an ore, no one else can mine it?? until how long? it can’t be indefinitely since that seems it can be used to abuse/troll?

i agree it it makes sense to maybe use it on a purple ore node. or maybe i just can’t be bothered.

just want to make sure i understand correctly. when i use the bomb on an ore node, the node explodes a bit and gets smaller, but i don’t actually get any material from it.

You get mats when you mine the ore after you used the bomb! It gets destroyed in one hit but you use less energy to get better loots, i think!