Mining needs a nerf as 94,7% of playerbase has failed to reach level 10

Obviously the mining difficulty is way too high when 94,7% playerbase have failed to reach level 10. So I suggest to boost mining exp income by 500% and lower it back to 100% for last 10 levels. This way we wont gatekeep first 20 level and people can progress faster into mining endgame.


+1 xD

No, the exp is fine.

Go do some gathering activies, get some world tree leaves and claim a potion that boosts a lot ALL your gathering activities.

Edit: is the 1st reward and you can do stuff like fishing in your idle time while waiting for an isle. I got it yesterday and had logging/mining around 8 and 6 respectively and that pushed them both over 10.

It even got hunting to like 8 lol


They’re being sarcastic in response to the abyssal/guardian nerfs as AGS-SMG claimed less than 10% of players have successfully cleared them.



Korea has Mining 100% and so should NA.

Just because you got low profession levels doesn’t magically make the current mining grind any less FUN.

People WONT quit if you gatekeep their mining.

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This is what I get for trying to share what I realized last night :<

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Read the words Roxx wrote.

He very specifically referred to “success rate”.

Not “participation”.

Participation and Success Rate are two different metrics.

It doesnt matter if 80% if the population hasnt even tried it because the message is that the 20% of players who ARE there are trying and failing to complete the runs.

Its stupid shit like a particular Guardian turning purple instead of blue for Counters despite the game hammering into us that Blue = Counter.
Or stagger mechanics not being communicated properly to the player.

Guides should not be a requirement to clear content.
FFXIV is a good example of having clear and readable mechanics that allow a player to figure out the correct response by seeing it.


It does flash blue it just turns purple after

It’s purple when they’re enraged because they get a “red” glow and red + blue = purple.

Can we also get 10,000 free worker energy every morning at 5? I don’t like having to wait for it.


A lot of people missing the joke. xD +1

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They did, i got a shit ton of xp potions from somewhere.

you can’t just look at levels. You need to look at success rate. pretty sure mining success is near 100%

Said the salty T1-T2 nerf opposer

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reduce that 94.7% down to easily less than 10.

woodcutting 22, fishing 14, mining 14, and excavation 17, with the others being higher than finishing and mining.

Most people that played at the f2p start, and NOT the start for people buying the starter packs, are in this range here.

Game currently in maintenance, but I remember getting 3x potions that increased gathering, all gatherings to around 10 by itself, that you can get on accident, from one of the rewards (world tree leaves?) and I mean in the first reward.

I think they should just boost us to max ilvl for current content, give us skill point potions locked behind those tedious grinds so we can make builds we want, give us runes and stats to pick on our gear (like selectible kind), maybe even give us free skins that we want and when we spend all our gems/gold they should just send us some so we are happy at all times.

In addition to that they should give everyone a personal GM to go with them and clear content so nobody has to do tedious learning of mechanics. It’s hard work after all :slight_smile:

Oh how could I forget cards and engravings, should have them all maxed so we can just pick what we want like what the hell, how dare they make us collect something?

End of sarcastic part.

All I see on these forums is people complaining about this and that, giving arguments like we have work, don’t have time and so on, main problem being they want to be “the best” but don’t want to do anything to earn it. Just wanting everything to be given to them on platter :slight_smile:

People should just change games if they don’t like this one, there are plenty of casual games for someone who doesn’t have time and next time don’t choose “competitive” games where you need to invest time/money to actually be best and be competitive :smiley:

Yeah, I DEFINITELY agree with you.

Else people WILL just quit the game because they’re GATED by the system and can’t progress FURTHER in lifeskilling!

AGS is going to lose A LOT of players if they DON’T nerf the exp REQUIRED for reaching high lifeskilling levels.

I mean… look at the two mokoko seeds on Promise Isle… you NEED mining at 30 to reach those two mokokos… that’s NOT okay and A LOT of people will QUIT because of that!

Hey @Billionaire, how was my bolding in the text? Is it ok? Do you think I’ll get A LOT of people with that?


Huh, mining has so low % because it is boring to do. It takes 2 hours to get level 10

What about Hunting!? :thinking:

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Hunting is arguably the most difficult life skill to level up. When you get into that hunter mode feeling and throw weaponry at every rabbit you see, but the rabbit just doesn’t die because it turns out to be someone’s pet. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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