Minor Cosmetic Feedback

Hello I don’t have many complaints/feedback about the game so far, but my only two I felt that I wanted to write here that are somewhat small and minor.

  • Add accessory color options to the Hairstyles.
    For example, my Martial Artist (Female) has a pink ribbon on her ponytail, it would have been nice if I could change the color on that to, so that I can match my outfit or make it neutral.

  • Add dyeable options to the skins in the Store aside of the first set.
    I noticed upon buying the two outfits for Gunslinger and Sorceress that werent available for the other classes that they were not dyeable. This is a shame because of how cute they are, I would really like them to be dyeable. I’m also not sure if there is a way before buying them to see if they are dyeable or not, I tried to preview the package contents but I was unable to see that descriptor.

That’s the only two things I have!