Minor Localization Bug/Mistranslation in Description of Abyssal Dungeon: Aira's Oculus

Currently, the description for the Abyssal Dungeon: ‘Aira’s Oculus’ is as such:

Oreha’s Well fallen into the abyss.
Arsenic of madness resonates in a space filled with chaos.

The second sentence makes no sense considering the fact that the word ‘Arsenic’ only refers to the element, and does not have any secondary meanings.

In the original Korean, the wording of the second sentence is as such:

‘혼돈으로 가득 찬 공간에 광기의 비소가 울려퍼진다.’

In this case, the word ‘비소’ was translated to ‘Arsenic’.

However, the word ‘비소’ has two meanings in Korean - the first meaning being the element Arsenic, but a second, more uncommon usage of the word means to literally ‘nose laugh’ - or to laugh through your nose. In Hanja (Sino-Korean), it is written as ’ 鼻笑’. For this reason, I think the current usage of the word ‘Arsenic’ is a mistranslation and therefore should be replaced with an English word that more closely matches the original, intended meaning of the Korean definition.

In English, the closest words probably would be ‘snickers’, ‘snorts’, or ‘giggles’. Meaning that the second sentence of the description of the dungeon should be something akin to:

Giggles/snickers of Madness resonate in a space filled with chaos.
or something like:
‘Maddening giggles/snickers resonate through this chaos-filled space’.

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