Minus pheons not a good solution , not paying for company mistakes

like actualy who decides these solutions in the company , a compensation and a minus pheons like the least you could of done is to put the ppl who got free pheon incident in the zero not playing the game until this mess is fixed …minus pheons get a grip guys for real ,not goin to do my weekly raids to pay for the bloody comapany mistake no way man .


In the end, you didn’t gain OR lose any pheons. The negative is justified. Maybe spend some time in math class if you’re gona skip raid this week :rofl:

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People spent those pheons in things they normally wouldn’t spend money to do so, e.g cutting stones, buying some accessories for alts. But it was free, it was a gift, so everyone who got them spent them in some silly ways. I for example, had a 4x3 on my supp with legendary accessories and decided to buy 2 relic accessories and 1 relic stone. If I had to spend my gold to do that, I wouldn’t, but since I got them as a gift, I used them like that. Now they force me to pay 20k gold just to get to 0pheon count and be able to use market/ah. And then If I wanna buy something I’ll need to spend another 20k. All this because AGS was incompetent enough to make such mistake and then punish their playerbase for it. And to top it off, even those who hadn’t used those pheons, Roxx came here to reassure them that they will keep their pheons, so more people fell into AGS’ trap of spending the pheons. Me and many other that I know, will not bother paying, just to reach the 0 amount pheons. Won’t spend time just to gather enough gold to fix AGS’ mistake and definitely won’t spend money. I’m waiting for them to recall this and at least take people from negative to 0 pheon count, else I’m uninstalling.


Apparently, the negative Pheon preventing players from purchasing anything is a bug so that might get resolved. Players with negative Pheons would still be stuck in the negatives until they wait for more free Pheons or just spend the gold for blue crystals for Pheons tho.

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they should just take pheons out of the game period

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It’s not a bug. Things that “don’t cost pheons” are actually set as “costing 0 pheons”. This is different to not costing pheons at all because we have less than 0 pheons so we can’t pay the 0 pheon cost.


Unless you’re talking about something else

Issue =/= bug. Sometimes things act in ways you don’t anticipate due to edge cases (setting people’s currency to negative numbers when 0 is meant to be the hard floor).

That doesn’t make it a bug, that makes it an edge case that SG and AGS hadn’t considered.

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I think Pheons always had the function to be set to negative even in KR at least according to a KR Streamer talking about negative Pheons.

Of course a dev or GM can set it to negative. It’s just a value. That doesn’t mean they implemented the rest of the systems (Auction House) with any consideration to what might happen if it was set to a negative value on a player, since that should never happen except in cases of penalizing for exploits.

AGS has handled this whole situation badly by telling people that had no desired or intention to exploit that they could use the pheons and weren’t going to get punished coz it was a mistake and then deciding to punish them and treat them as exploiters without the ban, which is why we’re where we are.