Miscellaneous QoL

1. Make the Legion Raid top-left window A LOT smaller

For God’s sake the legion raid gate indicator + restart button + sidereal icons take up the whole top left of my screen!!! This could be made a lot sleeker and smaller, or give us a “minimize” option that actually hides more than just the gates. It’s crazy this hasn’t been done yet!

2. “Matchmake” option next to “Re-Entry” in Guardians

When you’re in a guardian raid for example and you meet these really nice people but one person leaves or is on their last run, would be great to still be able to easily play together by re-queueing into matchmaking with whoever is still there. Instead of “Re-entry” just introduce a new button “Matchmake” that queues up the partial party.


3. Default the chat channel based on context

  • If you are on /s normal chat and then enter some 8-man content like legion raids or GvE, the chat should default to /a raid chat.
  • If you are on /s normal chat and then enter some 4-man content like guardian raids with 2+ players, the chat should default to /p party chat.
  • If you are NOT on /s normal chat, then leave the chat to whatever you set it to. It’s likely you want to stay in that chat channel (guild chat, whisper, etc.)


4a. Make the UI only interactable when holding down ALT

Like some other games (usually FPS perspectives but still), if you make it so the UI is only interactable when holding down ALT, that would make it easier to right click through the chat box or the party window and improve combat.

For example, I was very interested in using the new Party UI modes where I can collapse the icons to take up less space, but when I put it next to my character it interferes with my movement when I accidentally right click directly on the icons… pretty frustrating, especially on a support where I would prefer to have my party’s hp closer to my character so I don’t have to look far to see it.

This could optionally be an option in settings to turn on/off.

4b. Alternative: Make “locked” UI elements click-through

If the above suggestion of holding down ALT to interact with the UI is too difficult to implement, then remove mouse-pointer click events for “locked” items like the party/raid member lists and the chat box.

This could optionally be an option in settings to turn on/off.


5. Remove “Add friend” option if they’re already a friend

When I’m trying to figure out which of my guildies I haven’t added as a friend yet, I have to right click > add friend them all to see which ones don’t give me a “you’re already friends” message… instead I think they should just remove the option from the menu when they’re already your friend.



:man_facepalming: Then why even show me the option!!! :anger:

6. Increase/Remove Friend Limit Cap

The increase from 50 to 100 was nice and all but we need more. Adding all my guildies alone takes up like 79 slots. And it’s kinda necessary so you can see what character they are on when they swap to an alt. Makes forming parties a lot easier. I don’t understand why there’s a limit to begin with, but 200 or 300 would be a nice number if a cap needs to exist.


i like the matchmaking guardian option

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Heya @Ayryin, thank you for bumping this awesome post!

I think these ideas would be a great QOL update and I will get your suggestions passed along. :slight_smile:


Thank you, really appreciate it! :blush:

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