Misleading Login Event Dates

In some regions, Login Event’s tooltip might be somewhat misleading.

Due to the server clock in SA, the event period actually ends on 5/18 – there is absolutely no time to get an extra reward on 5/19 as the maintenance starts before the daily reset.

I understand that we have a few extra days and are pretty lenient with login bonuses, but this detail makes it kinda hard to account for when you’re calculating how many days you can miss in the month (for whatever personal reason).

I’m not sure if that’s the case on EU or NA, for example, so if anyone plays on one of those servers, your opinion is very welcome!

For EU maintenance starts 3 hours before the daily reset on Thursday which is probably intended that way as something like new raid probably can’t be added with server being launched back BEFORE weekly reset. And it probably shows 5/19 because technically you can get it on 5/19 if you didn’t log in on the same daily reset that happened on 5/18. But that’s a technicallity.

Looks like we’re looking at the same time (10AM UTC) globally, then.

I would rather they communicate 5/18 is the last day, although with a few surplus hours (as prior to 10AM UTC, we’re still having the events from Wednesday and everything else, so it’s technically still 5/18 as far as the game is concerned). Almost feels like a bug here due to that.

I’m from SA aswell and i think the date is the most accurate it can be

5/19 before the scheduled maintenance

There is a good amount of time to get the reward on 5/19

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What the guy above said though. It specfically says (Before scheduled maintenance) in your screenshot. So it’s already telling you that you won’t get the reset chance for it on 19th.

Manutenção ja veio avisando que ia trocar os daily login o que também já era esperado…