Misleading (malicious?) store descriptions

Can I just say first, I like the game. It’s fun.

I bought the bronze founders pack. No complaints. From my perspective, the game was certainly a great value at $15. I don’t care to spend more money to progress my character. I enjoy going through the game as it’s meant to be. I don’t care to pay-to-win.

I enjoyed it so much, that I felt like I wanted to support the developers by buying a skin. But, after doing so, I just feel cheated and scammed. Here’s what happened.

  1. bought royal crystals
  2. exchanged royal crystals for a crystal bundle
  3. exchanged crystals for the Destruction Punishment Skin Set
  4. exchanged crystals for Magick Society Dye Reagent x10
  5. equipped Destruction Punishment Skin Set
  6. Visited the Skin Modding NPC in Vern Castle

The item in the shop has 4 red-colored descriptions: Untradable, Unsellable, Indestructible, Cannot be dismantled.
EDIT: This description is for the box, not the items inside.

The items after equipped have 4 red-colored descriptions: Untradable, Unsellable, Cannot be dismantled, Cannot be dyed.
EDIT: The item descriptions can be found in the shop by ctrl+click. If you use the big yellow “View Details” button, it will NOT display the individual item details. THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

The whole reason I wanted a skin was because I couldn’t dye any normal gear. The skin in the shop was cool, but the main reason I wanted it, was to recolor my character. I just wasted $20 because the in-shop UI is misleading.

store description
item description

This is what I would like to see happen:

  1. Add the ability to view item details in the “View Details” menu.

If you could please :slight_smile:
A. Allow the use of dyes on shop skins
B. Refund me my purchase.

I understand there are bigger issues to fix first. But if you were to never fix this, it would make me think this actually is malicious, and not just an innocent oversight. Please fix it.

Sincerely a fan,


It tells you in the store its not dyable… CTRL+Click the box and click “Chest Preview”.


whoa scammed. awesome. lacks to add description to the package.

The description is there. The BOX is what it said it is. What is IN this box is entirely another thing and it tells you it can’t be dyed.

There is nothing to be fixed, but I get why people could be mad. It’s like with the restart of windows: not a lot of people know what the difference between a shutdown and a restart is because Microsoft doesn’t explain this shit anywhere in the system XD

Did you just not even bother to look at the picture I posted? lol

The description is literally right there, in the store and the item says “Cannot be dyed”

It may not be in a convenient place, but it is there and accessible.


Oh so the only way to see that is by ctrl+click? Because when I click the big yellow “View Details” button (which shows the individual components of the chest) it doesn’t show a description of each individual item.

I don’t know, maybe its just me, but, this does not seem straight forward at all. Just because the information is in there somewhere, doesn’t mean its not misleading. And I have some concerns the shop is set up this way in order to be intentionally misleading, as to foster more purchases which people don’t actually want. in other words, malicious.

view details


See my reply to Rhel.

Also, very nice attempt at being condescending. Much smart. Very chad. Such help.

Your metaphor has gaping holes. Please rethink it and get back to me.


No idea where you got the condescending vibe, but it’s just in your head. I do indeed get why people would be mad even tho I am not. I don’t need to rethink anything, it wasn’t a metaphor, it was a simile shrug

That’s because you’re not doing it right.

Select the chest.
Hold CTRL and Right Click the Chest.
Click “Chest Preview”

Obviously very important to correct that it was a simile not a metaphor. Much help.

reread my reply.

I did, the information is there you just don’t feel like looking for it and are becoming hostile to those who are pointing out your error and providing you with information to protect yourself in the future.

This could have also been easily avoided by a simple google search.

The only advice I can give you is to do some research of your own before spending your money.


Nothing in the store need be that convoluted to convey to the player that it can’t be dyed lmao.

Most of these items are a headache to “unpack” and view the items that are contained inside them.

Edit: looking at your responses throughout the thread is fucking cringey tbh, just suckling on the teet of a massive corporate company.


I agree that the information is there. Its just convoluted.

It is weird to me that they have two different ways of looking at the contents of the box. The most obvious way (clicking the big yellow “view details” button) does not display the information.

I agree that the information is there. Its just convoluted.

Oh I definitely agree, and think they should put it upfront that the content isn’t dyable.

It is weird to me that they have two different ways of looking at the contents of the box. The most obvious way (clicking the big yellow “view details” button) does not display the information.

I think this is what Feimurgan was pointing out, and is a flaw. When you click “View Details” it gives you the information for the chest and not the contents.

This is probably because some chests are sellable on the market, so they have to have their own specific details.

The only thing cringey is you bringing your distaste for Amazon into a discussion where I was providing valid and useful information to assist people.

No where did I disagree that the presentation couldn’t be better, I’m just pointing out that the information is there.

I can see why the chest has its own separate description.

I also wanted to mark your original reply as a solution, but am concerned the issue wont be addressed if I do.

Yes, if I had ctrl+click the box, I could have seen the details of each individual piece and seen they cannot be dyed. IMO, its bullshit that the information is not there when i click the ‘View Details’ button and hover over the box contents there.

At minimum, they should add detailed information when you hover over the individual items in the ‘View Details’ window.

Obviously I would like my purchase to not go to waste. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do not refund me the crystals from buying the chest or allow the skin to be dyed.

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Since the skin is a “dyed” version of the Platinum Founder’s pack exclusive skin, I doubt it’ll ever be dyable. If anything, they’d make the founder’s exclusive version the only one that’s dyable. (which not even that one is currently.)

I liked the white from the founder’s pack, but find the blue nice as well. The blue also matches the Dyorika Warhorse if you can get one off the AH or want to purchase the starter pack. Together they look amazing.

I mean its not bad. Its just not at all what I wanted. Would not have bought it if I knew it cannot be dyed.

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Definitely agree that they should make this more clear to purchasers. I’ve had my eye on the skin for quite some time. Saw someone sporting it in white and decided to buy it. That’s when I realized the white variant was for Founder’s purchasers only. I’m enjoying the game, but certainly would not have purchased if if this was made more clear. Also, no refunds for misleading sales. :smiling_face_with_tear: Learned my lessons though. Accept nothing at face value and don’t purchase anything else for this game. Fool me once…

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