Misleading Official Video on YouTube Showing Summer skins and weapons we are NOT getting in tomorrow's update


It was indeed a teaser for the summer skins we got on the July 20 content update.

CMs are avoiding this thread. I monitored all their responses in other threads regarding the upcoming summer event and skins in particular, and even asked one of them in one of the threads, however, they are very tight lipped about it. The only thing I could gather are these two responses that are related to the upcoming summer events:

Also, one of my friends @UnoPri noticed that they may be teasing the next summer event and skins in one of their recent twitter postings, where they show a male character in one of the summer skins attempting the Thornespire. Here is the tweet, and the thread.

In this instance, it could be that the footage we saw of the summer skins and weapons is a teaser of what we are going to get in July and August. Let’s HOPE.

This is confusing and misleading. Need official clarification why footage of summer skins and summer weapon skins are shown in the official video of lost ark on youtube for the Vykas raid content update tomorrow. Are we getting this for the June update? if not, why is it in the video?




Well if they’re in a new promo video for vykas, we are obviously getting them in game with our next update which includes vykas.

So don’t worry everybody we are getting the swimsuit skins and other cool weapons tomorrow.

A CM would have commented that the video had skins not being released already if they weren’t………right?


right :joy:


tbh this is one of those moments where i really want clarification from a CM. are we getting real summer event in July? maybe they are communicating with Smilegate right now cause Dev Tracker has been a little quiet this morning


one good thing can be understood from the video, since its featured on the official youtube channel, it means we are getting them at some point and they’re not censored or removed. question remains is when! and i HOPE it’s not one of those “it was not intended”.


It’s always quiet when they release big patch notes. Probably in an attempt to let people calm down a bit before posting anything so they don’t get spammed extremely toxic pms/replies.


hope all the people expecting swim suits have their 4 balls of wool ready to exchange with ned for when they dont

see u in winter


Summer events are typically in July from what I’ve been seeing in responses. I wouldn’t doubt this is like an earlier summer event and we get the real one next month. Remember, Roxx never stated this was THE summer event but only A summer event.

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CMs after releasing the patch notes:


Yea we get an event every month so this one is the filler summer before the main one in July. It is just poor wording when Roxx said we will get a summer event with June update

The new island have a currency (like chicken) maybe the summer skin is in the vendor (until now all events have skins in vendor)

Well technically it is still a summer event. This island was for KR’s summer event previously. Just like 50 years ago.

Hmm in KR vendor there was no bikini though

I cant wait to read the cope when we never get the swim suits. Forums gonna be hilarious come end of august.

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Probably since this isn’t the main event they aren’t releasing the skins which will probably be purchasable through the micro transaction shop.

If we don’t, we don’t then we complain. That’s how it works around here.

new preview of summer skins after listening to player feedback


It is in the video because we are probbaly getting them later during the summer,

Jesus christ you guys. Can we calm down a bit?

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LOL, how is this so perfect?

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