Missing 1 powerpass and LoLa chest from twitch


I used 1 powerpass on one char but didnt receive another one in the mail.
Im probably going to miss out on a days worth of chaos dungeons on that one

For the Lola chest, i did sync the acc but never received it. I did receive the paper hat afterwards so i have no idea where the lola chest went

Hi there, I hope you are doing great,

Check ingame mail on both characters, if the issue persist it’s best if you reach us via a live channel to escalate this issue with our devs. You can reach us here: Contact Us | Amazon Games.

As a reminder, we are granting two powerpasses in total per region.

As for the Lola chest, it might be related to the ongoing issue we are having with the commerce server, you can learn more here: Update on Current Top Issues

I hope this helps and I wish you have a great week.