Missing Astray Construction Blueprint


I can’t find the item anywhere on any character. I know I claimed it a few weeks ago.
The possibility of me accidently deleting seems very low, it’s a legendary item…
Is there anything that can be done?


Greetings @Claves

Thank you very much for bringing your current issue to our attention and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

You got the Astray Blueprint by reaching the reputation 3, but you do not seem to find it, did you already check closely your inventory or the vault?

In any any case you mistakenly deleted it, sadly we do not account with a system to recover / reverse deleted items meaning, that unfortunately we are not able to restore nor refund these types of items even if it was not intentional, it was a decision taken on your end.

If you want to avoid this to happen in future cases I do recommend, block the high level, stats and rarity. almost every equipment is lockable within the game.

Patience is a virtue, regards,

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: