Missing bidded Lengendary Engraving

Do i report a bug here?
I bidded a legendary engraving and 1,045 gold is deducted but i did not get the engraving in Aira’s Oculus Abyssal Dungeon today at about 0640 to 0655 in game time.

Anyone can help?

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community and sorry for the slow reply, Soulfire.

Have you tried deleting old mail if possible?


Yup…tried. I am receiving new mails also, so shouldn’t be the issue…
Also tried run a Steam integrity check.

Below is an image of the gold deducted (shown in the chat box).

I have send to support but they haven’t get back to me. Is it a common bug?

This issue has been semi-common but most of the users on the forums have had luck deleting old.

I’ll send this bug report over to the development team. However unfortunately I cannot help you further as our support team is better equipped to handle this situation.

Thank you very much Centeotl

Not a problem, Soulfire.