Missing character

Good afternoon everyone, this morning I created a character on the server “Neria” (CE) I will have played about 2 hours a little more. a little less … reaching level 14, suddenly the pc restarts … I try to log in and I no longer find the character on the server … please can you help me?

my name is: Invalidtarget
Server: Neria (CE)
LV: 14


re-up …

Hi there, I hope you are doing great.

I do see a “Devilhunter” named “Invalidtarget” from my end. Can you tell me if you are still having issues @ivanzappala ?

Looking forward hearing from you.

It’s not okay my friend …

I had created a character on the server “NERIA” (CE) but after a few hours I got lost … I recreated another character on another server “INANNA” (CE) … LV 38, could it be brought to NERIA? with my friends they are there on NERIA

Thank you for the quick reply @ivanzappala .

I am not sure if I understand your question but we don’t have the option for server transfer if that’s what your request.

Feel free to tag me if you have any other question, thanks.