Missing claimed eq from abyss craft NPC


I have crafted and then claimed preordained headpiece but I cant find it in my inventory/storage/pet etc. It is super weird because it is my last EQ piece that I need to have 5 items. Is it possible that this item got auto dismantled somehow? It did not happen before.
I even got a message that I acquired the item.

Hey there @ferbisz4, Welcome to the Lost ark forums!

I’m sorry to know an item you crafted is missing from your inventory.

Please help me check the following:

  • If you sold an item by mistake, check the store’s Repurchase tab.
  • Visit the Exchange Broker NPC to view items you have listed on the Exchange.
  • Check token items using the Token Item Locker.

As you mentioned also, please take a look at your auto-dismantle settings just to be sure it wasn’t dismantled by accident.

If still the item does not appear, contact us via support ticket and include the following information:

  • Character Name
  • Region
  • World
  • Relevant Item/Product
  • Date of purchase or accidental selection/deletion

I can’t make any promises from here, but this is the only way to have this looked into. I really hoe this helps you. Let me know if I can help you with anything else! :smiley:

Well, it could be an accident if auto-dismantle option can work on claimed equipment… I have never considered that since I thought it may work only on dropped equimpent which is a huge difference…
Thanks for your answer, I made a ticket, we will see…


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