Missing Classes

I started to play with the gold founder knowing i would not have scouter class on the release, but i say “well in 2 month the rest of classes surely will be released” when i saw the Gold River interview he say, “2 o 3 months aprox PER CLASS” then i investigate in RU page and KR page the release of the clases and this is what i found.

https://prnt.sc/26xscha RU clases
https://prnt.sc/26xsd1g KR clases

I dont know why we have striker, gunslinger and sorcerer so early, im good with it but its weird.
Because we have T3 content but we doesn’t have the 20 classes, im ok with doesn’t have the Artist, but the rest?.
(btw, srry for my bad eng, im from Argentina latam)


The 2 -3 months is quite ridiculous considering by the time the first class comes out some of us will be in T3 and by that point it is a complete waste of time to switch. Unless we hold off on our T3 mats for our main which could come a year later we will be at a hug deficit.

The class release windows need to be addressed ASAP.


I agree, but it seems the team is focused still on Launch. I’m hoping once they’re satisfied with how that turns out we get a roadmap. I’ve been trying to play other classes but the class I want to main and other classes I want as alts are not released yet.


There was a post on reddit where a korean says that the interview was misstranslated. It’s not one class every 2-3 months, it’s all of them in that period.


I really hope this is the case and we get everything in 2-3 months. I can’t fully get into the game without having my main class not released (Lancemaster). I’m literally holding back playing the main story etc and I’m just exploring islands and doing roster stuff.


some kr dude on reddit said it was a bad translation from the hosts and that ALL the classes will be released at once in 2-3 months in order to have a single global client

maybe that was just bs but there’s hope lol

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I hope so, 2-3 months for one class is absurd IMO. i wouldn’t mind waiting 2-3 months for all of them to come out at once.


I want to play Simmoner so bad!