Missing Dark Omen skin


Not sure what happened, but I am missing my Dark Omen skin pieces. I have the pants and focus skins, but the chest piece and head piece are missing. I used it on my Glaiver and swapped to use the Noble banquet set and put it my storage. Now I cannot find it. I checked my pet inventory as well and Soulfist inventory, but it’s completely missing now.

Not sure what happened or if someone in support can locate it on my account anywhere.

When you submit a web ticket, do you not receive an email confirmation? I submitted one as well last night and haven’t heard back or received a confirmation email.

Do you know how long it takes for support to respond back? I haven’t received any response from the web ticket I submitted about 48 hours ago.

Still waiting on a response. Spend money on this game to buy a product and there’s no support when the product ends up missing.