Missing Elzowin's Blessed Letter

Hi guys. My first time posting here.
My problem is, I did all the necessary quests, reputations and secret quests for Elzowin’s Blessed Letter and claimed it from reputation screen. After that I put it into my roster storage but after the merge I realized I didn’t get it back and now there is no way to claim it and I can’t do it. Since I cannot complete the quest I cannot claim the stronghold merchant iirc Maxelle. I checked my every character/storage. I already contacted to support via ticket but it’s been a long time they didn’t respond and also cannot see any response as a mail if I sent it or not so I was hoping I could get some help from here.

I’m playing on Armen server and my nickname is Lilraya.

Hello @Kharon, :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your concern about the Elzowin’s Letter which you claimed but after the server merger, you’re not able to find it.

I’m sorry for the trouble you are going through.

For your information, this issue requires investigation by our development team and for that you need to raise a support ticket only, as the ticket is passed onto the development team to further investigate this issue.

Since you have already raised the ticket, I’d request you to get in touch with them by raising a new ticket using the below link and keep following with the ticket.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information in this case from our end, hence you need to raise a ticket only.

See you in Arkesia! :beers:

Hi. I already contact to support via ticket 2 times but I still didn’t get any respond. So I was wondering what is the average time for the response? Also I believe there was a Live Chat option in the past did they remove it?

Thank you for getting back to us @Kharon.

They will get back to you as each and every support ticket is monitored and acted upon by our team, it might take some time and it might not be instant response but they will get back to you soon.

The live chat option has been removed, the only way to get in touch with them is through the support ticket only.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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