Missing engravings in Combat Engravings Chest

Adrenaline, expert, hit master and many others missing in the Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest coming from the Express Mission rewards


Yup lol

Yup many missing, is this a bug or working as intended?

must be a bug, doesn’t make sense to be intended

incress mass aswell

Posting to see if a CM comments on this! but yeah i wanted to claim Adren on my WD and it was not there… would cost me 2k gold just to get the epic books

probably just on monday will we get some comment on the situation

@Roxx can you help?

well, there are missing some engravings on the “EXPRESS” event chest, these are the engraving missing, hoping for some fix

On new chest: it goes till awkening only


Glad to see I’m not the only one confused. Seeing @Siza picture, it looks like some got cut off by mistake?

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I also have this bug still, cant find any of the engravings past awakening