Missing explorer pack

Hi, so i recently purchased the explorer starter pack but its nowhere to be found, searched for it everywhere, its been roughly 2 days since the purchase and i cannot see it in product inventory, i know that there is an outgoing issue with claiming them but i cannot even see it on my account


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I’m sorry for the issue on Lost Ark with the starter pack

The Starter Packs are purchased either directly from Steam, or as codes from Amazon that are redeemed through Steam.
Can you please tell me how you purchased this starter pack?

After you redeem your Starter Pack, it’s applied to your Roster inventory and bound to your account. Select the server where you want to play, and create a character. You will then have the option to claim the pack to your character from the roster inventory.

When you decide to claim your Starter Pack on a character, the pack will be bound to that world, which holds a roster of 6 characters. Crystalline Aura, Mounts, pets, coupons, and packed crates or chests are world/roster-bound. To transfer world/roster bound items to other characters in the same roster, you can use Roster Storage, which is available in any major city.

Please confirm you try this and let me know any update.

Thank you very much for your patience.
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