Missing Founders items and Crystals

Server neria
Character names Name Juliep / Jeryp

When finally getting to log on for the first time since Saturday morning I am missing a number of Founders Boxes from my product inventory tab (its now empty) and all of my Crystals have gone.
I bought the LVL 50 Asscet chest from the shop during early access and have opened the 1st 2 so had plenty of crystals before.
Also Shop is not avaliable.

Also Noticed an error in chat
Currency check failed
please try again later

Also another message

I have same and several issues. Its third day.

1- My crystalline buff is gone and missing like 3 days now.
2- My uncollected items are missing and gone from my product inventory.
3- I’ve completed Ealyn’s Gift. Quest but I didn’t received powerpass ticket.

In the video it clearly shows that item I left in my product inventory. And video shows that I’m collecting and using my 30 days buff.

To sum up: My mails are gone my product inventory is gone and my crystalline buff is gone, and my powerpass ticket is missing.

Twitch Time: 04:11:30

Character Name - Icyjoao
Server name - Zinnervale

I am also missing the skin of the boat Hermida’s Song.
I have attached the proof of the shop, saying it is bought and the crystals were deducted.
I do not have the skin at all anywhere.
Can anyone help me? thank you.

I’m luckily missing my currencies from my silver and plat founders packs from the second drop D: hope they fix soon

Hello, Everybody and thank you for sharing this with us!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with buffs and items from the inventory. We’re aware that some players are missing Crystalline Aura and/or missing items from Product Inventory. This is a known issue, and we are actively working to resolve this issue.

We appreciate your patience while we fix this. keep an eye at the news section for updates, anyways if I find something relevant for the case I’ll be back and let you know! :smiley: