Missing Hermida's Song ship skin

I bought the Hermida’s Song ship skin last week but I can’t find it anywhere, not in inventory, product inventory or ship skin tab.

The store said 0/1 on it for a few days and now shows 1/1 meaning it is available for purchase again but I am down 450 crystals still.

Customer support says wait for a patch but there is no knowing how long that will be or if it will even fix the matter. Can I buy it again and get a refund for the first skin? I’m very frustrated.

Hello, @Antsy!

I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with that ship skin you bought and I totally understand the frustration.

If the item’s not on the inventory, or on the ship skins tab, I recommend you to contact us via live chat, they must check the items entitled to your account by now and if it the skin’s not there and you’re still missing the Crystals this must escalated in order to investigate what happened.

I hope this helps :smiley: