Missing Heroic Chests, Duplicate Adventure Chests


I bought both gold and plat founder editions.
Gold before release and plat on release.
I received them, all went well.
After 2 days playing some of my chests went missing, lvl 20, 30, 40 Heroic Chests (Plat edition) and I have duplicates of the 30, 40 Adventure Chests (gold edition).

I’ve already checked the integrity of game files twice as suggested on other threads, no results.

Any help, please.

Hello @Lipton42 !

Hope you’re doing great! sorry to hear about those missing chests, if it was that the chests were only missing from your inventory I would recommend to look on the storage to check if they are there, but for what you’re telling me it might be better to reach us directly at Contact Us | Amazon Games this is just to get a bit more information on what could have happened.

Still if you have any other questions let me know! :sheep:

Hi @Fostus .

I’ve checked my storages, don’t think I misplaced them, also I shouldn’t have duplicated Adventure chests…
Reached out to Amazon.
But, as I purchased it on steam they directed me to steam support.
Trying there.

Yeah thats why I find it really odd, hopefully steam support will be able to help you, if not let me know!