Missing humpback whale oil

I managed to get the whale oil and sailed to ice maze island, accepted the quest but didnt get any new directions.
So i abandoned and re-accepted the quest but my whale oil got removed.

how did you even get the whale oil? i already did the notos island quest and can’t seem to get the oil anymore.

you can buy it from trade merchant ship in sushire (it appears randomly)
I had the same problem, just bought the Humpback Whale oil, wen’t straight to the Ice Maze isle and my item disappears from the inventory without letting me finish the quest…

I thought I had the same problem and I bought a new one, but after returning to the npc I realised that I couldn’t give him the humpback oil anymore and that I had to go to the worried shepherd now. After going to one of the worried shepherds I could finally finish the quest. I think you didn’t notice that you’ve finished the quest with the humpback oil like me and had to go to one of the worried shepherd who is in each edge of the ice labyrinth to get the rewards.

You saved the day. That was what I was overlooking. TYVM