Missing items, founder packs and aura

I have platinum founder pack and my aura is getting on/off, last time caused by switching between characters. My other founder pack and pack bought from shop is not accessible and disappeared from mailbox/storage. Drops from Twitch ( Legends and Crown) not arrived for several days now however claimed on Twitch and I have receiver 1st drop from Legends before so it is connected. Missing additional pack on character created on low populated server as promised by publisher. Looking forward to hearing from you and establish if this will be accordingly rewarded as I find lack of clear communication with paying customers across last few days about certain issues within game.

Same thing is happening with me - no founders pack, problems with twitch drops, etc. I’ve sent direct messages to admins, spoken to amazon support, and steam support. No response from admins, amazon sent me to steam, steam sent me to amazon, and none have been able to provide any information or assistance. Really bad experience and at this point i’m feeling like I wasted my money.

Hello @Gapzen and @Gapzen,

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I’m sorry you two were affected by this issue with the drops, auras and packs, this is a known issue and the developers are already working on a fix with the Smilegate team.

You can check all the last info here, under “Missing Premium Content and Store” :

I really appreciate your patience on this being resolve. :smiley:

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I have a problem with the Founder of the silver pack, I changed the server before 02/14 to a different one and I did not receive the package on the new server and they were supposed to be awarded. name Szulo from Procyon on the Neria server

Same, I started on Valtan, changed servers before the 14th to Rohendel and did not get a second silver founders pack. Also, finished watching 4 hours of stream for the hover board and a few hours later, still no hover board.

same here missing silver founders pack in eu servers, and i didnt change server or claim it before

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I’m sorry for the confusion caused with the extra set of items given for the packs purchasers.

To clarify, packs haven’t been given yet as you can see on this post:

“We are currently working to get these item grants ready to go, and will update players when they are ready to claim — these will be claimable on any new server you choose, so in the meantime we encourage you to find a perfect server to call home.”

Also, for issues related the drops they are already under investigation by the developers and its related to the topic post before under "“Missing Premium Content and Store.”

Hope this clarify more the situation, see you in Arkesia!

!My nick in game: Alexcsasouza
Awakening quest buugggg! in the third mission it no longer appears. I’m very sad Someone help me

Hello @Alexcsasouza,

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I’m sorry to hear your quest is not appearing.

Could you please confirm to me the following:

  • You have all the quest requirements?
  • The quest can’t be completed from the “Quest Journal”?
  • Try to abandon the quest and start it over from the journal.

I’ll be waiting for your response! :man_mage:

4 days later : aura is back however still being reported as missing by many players but I have seen you are working on it. Twitch drops are still not being delivered.

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Just want to provide you some updates on current issues:

If you still with the twitch drops not delivered please Contact Us | Amazon Games so we can escalate this and take a deeper look into your account.

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Still no drops from twitch : Crown and Legends. And guys reporting issues in my thread : make your and dont hijack mine because the guy in support is slow thinking already.