Missing items from previous week


Last week was my first week doing Vykas content and I did the first 2 gates as well as getting their reward chests. Since Sunday, I’ve been missing gear I crafted recently as well as all the crafting materials from Vykas content that was in my storage. The inventory spots where they were in my storage were empty along with the empty gear slots on my character profile. Oddly, only my newest gear is missing, the preordained two pieces of gear I’ve had for some time is still there. And on both char selection screens or char swap menus- I’m still listed as 1452 despite char profile showing 486 with current gear.

I have already submitted a help ticket thru amazon on Sunday- Ticket ID#V647540631

But I haven’t heard any new info since. Its a bit frustrating and disappointing since I’ll already miss out on a week of progress and I’m at risk of losing more than a month’s amount of time and money invested in the game. I don’t have any idea if my items and gear can be recovered or not and if not, why should I continue to support a service/game where I give my time and money and support and can just lose my assets for no reason. I hope that someone can assist and get me an update or something

Hello and welcome to the forums @Ikillgiants,

I am sorry to hear about your apparently missing items. I can confirm your ticket is being looked into and having contacted through live channels was the correct way to go, as we cannot directly provide follow up about specific account details on the forums. I’ve let those handling the ticket know you are looking for an update and you can expect one via Email as soon as it becomes available.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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