Missing Loot due to disconnect or game crashes

Hi all,

this is not a rant post about losing my weekly progression from Abyssal Dungeons or missing out on loot from Guardian raids because i forgot about the soul. Nor is it about losing a ticket to the cube, Boss rush or Chaos Dungeon but about a potential solution. In fact that hasn’t happend to me yet, so fingers crossed!

Tickets or weekly entries are currently consumed as you enter the content which is good for gatekeeping the character progression. However when you disconnect or your game crashes then you lose your entry and it might not be your fault necessarily. Espacially with the current situation on some overpopulated servers.

How about moving the consumption of tickets or entries to the end of the dungeon to gatekeep the loot? Just like in Guardian Raids.

That would have the advantage that players would not be stuck with the group in Abyssal Dungeons and if someone disconnects they can simply re enter the content to complete it.

To clarify again.

  1. Weekly Reset
  2. Enter Content (Abbysal Dungeons, Cube, Boss Rush or Chaos Dungeon)
  3. Complete the content.
    IF the player has weekly entries or tickets available
  4. Loot is distributed and for Abyssal Dungeons specifically the extra Box for gold is offered.
  5. Players don’t get loot and are not eligble for trade offers.

I don’t know if the game’s infrastructure allows it but seeing that it is possible in Guardian Raids, i believe it can be done for the rest as well. I think it will safe players a lot of frustration and espacially in the later stages of the game i do believe that it is beneficial to the players expirience.

What are your thoughts?
Did i miss any possible exploitable situation?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: