Missing messages in Chat

Chat messages show in overhead bubble but not in chatbox, and for some reason it’s not consistent. I usualy see messages from one party member but not from others. I can see messages from everyone in the bubble that appears over there head, but only some of the messages appear in the chatbox.

Tried resetting chat settings to default with no improvement. Also installed LostArk completly new on my pc and still no improvement.

Someone know the bug?

i’ve had this a few times i normally just make a new chat channel for that one type only doesn’t work 100% of the time but its something.

Already treid this option but 90% of time i don’t see them, doesnt care if new created or normal.

Hmm can’t say I’ve seen this one before. Thank you both for reporting, I’ll send this thread over to the team!

Maybe you have disabled the langish of that player in your chatoptions? If he is from france and you dont have frensh “on” in the chatoptions then you dont see him in the Chat but you see his bubble. The same is with spanish & german.

Sorry for my bad Englisch, i m german tho.:+1::innocent:

Thanks man, this was the solution.

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