Missing millions of silver

At 1040 rn, so obviously finished all the story up to and including Feiton.

Did all the Tier 1 material and Tier 2 material islands. No other side quests. Did not gamble with gems.

How am i only at 700k silver? And I keep hearing ppl at similar or even lesser level with millions of silver.

How am i missing out on so much silver?

“No other sidequests”

u answered your own question there bud. Also Rapport is a boatload, i’d wager you’re not doing that either.

ok. So … why are your surprised you dont have silver again?

Who has time for side-quests before T3?

I don’t get it….I am busy with pushing ilvl all the time.

Skipping the sidequests is stupid… 90% of the side quests while leveling follow the same path as the main quest… it literally take almost no extra time to do them…

One you get ocean exploring… i get skipping a lot of the extra quests for now ( cept the t1 and t2 mat quests)

so you’re not doing what u are suppose to do to get silver, and complaining you dont have silver… interesting.


Who has time for side-quests before T3?

I don’t get it….I am busy with pushing ilvl all the time.

That right there… time to balance your priorities

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:rofl: :joy: :joy: you got robed :joy: :joy: :joy:

strange i’m doing everything i can and i got 2.6M what am i doing wrong, can anyone tell me? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

I hate when I get robed.

I’m currently at 2.1 mil and I’ve been spending a lot of silver. Overall, I gained just under 5 mil and I just finished Rohendel. It seems that you haven’t done a single side quest. This would be a pain in the butt now because most of them are quite streamlined with the main story in terms of location and take an extra couple of minutes to do.

I’m more of an explorer and collector first, and ilvl connoisseur later.

Why? What’s the hurry?

Definitely the side quests. All the quests I’ve experienced are right along the path of the main quest, with the exception of one or two and stuff that happens after you complete the main quest in the continent. You’ll have to go back to do the side quests (for all the silver and the card packs and extra materials) and take longer now that you went ahead without the side quests. :open_mouth:

#1, trying to catch up to friends and guildmates. I’d imagine that is the biggest reason for most people.

#2, The best parts of the game is about the end-game activities for me, chaos/guardian/abyss/cube/rush/tower/chaos gate etc etc. Not a big fan of the collectables side of the game.

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I can understand that. You’re missing a lot though. Roster gives you perm stat increases. I’m a sorceress & currently have 62 more int than I’d have if I hadn’t done it. I’m only lvl 43. Side quests sometimes give perm stat bonus potions including vitality, skill point potions for perm extra skill points & a bunch of other benefits. Rapport also gives perm stat & skill potions. You’ll have the technical ilvl but won’t be as strong as someone who played all the content just fyi.

I’m close to 300 hours in, haven’t skipped a thing. Just finished Rohendel, begrudgingly …as I was having enough to do on islands but eh. Ilvl 560

Got about 3 mil silver and i’ve probably been spending it way more than I should…and I hear it’s not even a drop in the ocean for what you need at T3.

Also getting charisma is a pain =.="

So you hear others have millions of silver.
With this topic it should now be clear where that silver come from.

Bit like me doing multiple classes to try them and my max is 48.
I hear others have millions of silver, thousands of gold and full tier3.
Must be a mistake I don’t have this yet. Give me! I demand emergency patch to solve this huge glaring issue of me not having all the things.

Let me see if i got this straight.

You skipped every side quest…and then come here to the forums to ask why you’re missing silver?

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I think the best part is he says “missing”… not “I just didnt spend the time to get it”… like it disappeared.