Missing MSG+ After Galatur Maintenance Ticket

As far as I know no one has been fixed. Haven’t seen anything about it. I’ve tried running around everywhere I can go and nothing has any quests anywhere. Might be dumb luck. I’m not about relying on dumb luck to fix their screwup that has f’d with my time and money.

Hi, i submitted mine more than 12 hours ago and nothing yet… Please

turns out thats a lie, CS has done nothing

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Any updates? Haven’t heard anything back after I submitted my ticket. Hope it gets fixed before the weekend.

We are praying that this maintenance fixes the issue. I’m hoping it’s fixed but I’ll be honest I’m expecting it not to be fixed. They were on top of it in the beginning but the vast majority started complaining about server ques so they switched to that. It’s been 24 hours and they haven’t commented or tweeted about the issue since.

It wasn’t in the maintenance notes so that makes me worried. I know it only affects a relatively small amount of players but it is a game-breaking bug for us :frowning:
I also don’t get why this topic is marked as solved when it isn’t…

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I agree with that. I rather just hear the hurtful truth that my character is lost so I can get over it and just start a new character. I’m tired of seeing the devs are looking at it. I know they aren’t looking at. Their main priority is the launch today and it failed do to a deployment issue.

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Still waiting on a concrete update on this.


There are still a lot of upset people on the Galatur server whose main characters are still dead in the water and can’t progress because they have no quests and can’t pickup any quests. We have put in tickets and nobody is doing anything. It’s been 2 days now that we haven’t been able to play at all. This is horrible business!

i guess all i can do at this point is just make a new class of the same type if we wanna actually get use out of our chosen main class.

Too bad some of us were big dumb and trusted a billion dollar company.

I spent a bunch on founders packs for a wasted toon and an early start which were both useless now

There’s a “fix” in the official news section or something that is essentially just “submit another ticket, we got it this time we promise.”

They still havent fixed all the characters on Galatur server who lost all their main quests and can’t get them back. They say they are going to help everyone and then just sit on it and do nothing. People are wanting to get away from Galatur and go to a different server and now they can’t because their Gold or Plat Founder’s Pack is tied to that janky server.

Has anybody seen this fixed yet for you??

Have had a ticket being “escalated” to a developer for two days now with no update.

Bump, not letting this topic die.

There is an official thread about this with a fix!

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Where is the solution? Submitting a ticket the same as I did 2 days ago? Didn’t work nothing changed so I’d love your solution.

There is a mod manually fixing people’s accounts. May take awhile though.